Hetta-Pallas Hiking Trail in Lapland

Enjoy the hike - we'll take care of the rest

Experience Hetta-Pallas hiking trail in Lapland

Should you rent a car or use public transportation when you go for a long hike in Lapland? Or maybe drive your own car? How do yo get your car from the trailhead in Hetta to the trail’s end in Pallas? How is the public transportation in Lapland? Or should you use a taxi? These are some of the challenges you need to think when you plan for a hike in Lapland.

We have a solution to all this. Forget the logistic problems and book our Hetta-Pallas Trail Package. It includes all this:

Experience the legendary Hetta-Pallas hiking trail with your friends or family. Get yourself to Lapland and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Who is the Hetta-Pallas Trail Package suitable for?

The Hetta-Pallas Trail Package is suitable especially for beginner hikers who have a little bit  of experience from easier trails and want to take it to the next level. Hiking in Lapland is more demanding than in many other places in Finland so it is recommended to have some experience beforehand.

The Package is also suitable for experienced hikers who don’t want to deal with the logistics of hiring a car and finding accommodation but enjoy the hiking itself. 

Read the Hetta-Pallas trail description HERE.

Hetta-Pallas Trail Package

Purchase the package from our online store

You can buy the Hetta-Pallas Trail Package straight from our online store. Choose the date you want and the amount of participant. The minimum number of participants is 2.

Travel to Lapand

You can travel by train, airplane or bus. We will pick you up either from Kittilä airport, Kolari railway station or Muonio bus station.

Accommodation in a log cabin with a sauna

We will drive you to your accommodation in Muonio. You will sleep in a beautiful log cabin surrounded by nature. We will also visit a grocery store where you can buy food for the hike. You will receive information and tips from us beforehand about nutrition during a hike. If you want we can give you a complete list of ingredients that you need to make your meals during the hike.

Hike the Hetta-Pallas trail

We will drive you to Hetta in the morning where you finally will start the hike. 

Your first night will be at Sioskuru.

Second night in Hannukuru.

Third night in Nammalakuru.

Accommodation in a log cabin with a sauna

After the hike we will pick you up from the Pallas Nature center where the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail ends. If you wish we will stop by a grocery store where you can by for example refreshments for the sauna.

Next we will drive you to your accommodation where you finally get to rest after a long hike.

Travel back home

The next day we will drive you back to either Kittilä airport, Kolari railway station or Muonio bus station.

There is no checkout time. You can stay in the cabin for as long as you need to.

Hetta-Pallas Trail Package includes:


Log cabin with a sauna surrounded by nature

Your accommodation is situated at a central location in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature in Muonio.

There is 1 bedroom with a queen size bed. There is also a loft with 2 beds. The kitchen is well equipped. 

No light pollution or tourists. Only peace and silence. 

There is also a fireplace in the cabin.

The nature starts right from the doorstep. There is no light pollution at all so you can see the magnificent night sky and northern lights from your own terrace. In the midsummer you will love the midnight sun.

There is a sauna in the cabin. We promise you that there is nothing better than going to a sauna after a long hike!

Outside there is a laavu with a view to Pallas fells and the northern sky.

The cabin is about 60km from the Kittilä airport and 29km from Pallas. 

What do people think about us and our excursions?

Unforgettable experience

I had an incredible guided hiking trip with Wildmaker Lapland. Valtteri is a very experienced wilderness guide and I truly enjoyed his company. One of the best experiences in my life 🙂

– Julias

Our week in Lapland

Amazing week in Lapland made unforgettable by Valtteri. His knowledge and skill allowed us to experience this magnificent landscape close up and not to feel like a tourist. Knowing he lives with his young wife and son here all year round means every penny we spent was going to support them and the local community.

– Kelvin J.

A very well organized trip, guide was excellent

Had a great time in Muonio. Valtteri from Wildmaker was an excellent guide, friendly, patient and the directions were easy to follow.

Highly recommended!

– Joona Mäkinen


Hiking the Hetta-Pallas trail in Lapland is logistically challenging because there is a 100km drive from the trailhead to the trail’s end by car. Public transportation is almost nonexistent and for a taxi you need to pay a fortune. It is also expensive just to drive your own to Lapland from the south. The cost of the hike is starting to be expensive enough for many hikers to just forget about the whole hike.

If you choose to organize the Hetta-Pallas hike by yourself and you rent a car you will pay for the gasoline and the rent itself. Not cheap at all in Finland. On top of this you pay for the accommodation that is easily more than 200€ for 2 nights in a log cabin. The price is starting to be get very high and you still need to stress with all the logistics.

Forget about the rental car and public transportation. From us you will get all this:

For just 350€

There are only a limited number of Hetta-Pallas Trail Packages available for 2021. Book now to get yours.

Hiking guide Wildmaker Lapland making pancakes on fire in Lapland

Your hiking guide in Lapland

Hi there! 

My name is Valtteri Immonen and I work as a guide on all the excursions of Wildmaker Lapland. I have been hiking the wilderness areas in Lapland for years but my favourite and the most beautiful place in Lapland by far is the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. 

I live with my wife and small son in Muonio from where I start every morning to pick up my customers on different excursions around the National Park.

If you have any questions about the Hetta-Pallas Trail Package you can always send me an email to info@wildmakerlapland.com or you can call me at +358440704883. You can also send me a whatsapp message to that same number. If I don’t answer straight away I promise to do so right after I get back from the wilderness.