Hetta-Pallas Hiking Trail

The most legendary hike in Finland

About the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail

Hetta-Pallas is the most legendary hiking trail in Finland and also one of the most beautiful ones. The views vary along the trail from pine forests to amazing views from the barren tops of the fells. The trail is marked well so there is no fear of getting lost. 

There are wilderness huts along the trail where you can use to sleep in. Around the huts there are also tentsites and fireplaces where hikers can cook food.

The Hetta-Pallas trekpack takes you through the route in 3 nights and 4 days. The campsites for the nights are always around the wilderness huts and near the fireplaces. A four day hike is the most popular way to hike the trail. This way the distances are around 15km or a bit less for each day.

a man hiking the Hetta-Pallas Trail in Lapland

First day - Hetta-Sioskuru

Hetta-Pallas trail starts from the village of Hetta with a crossing of the Lake Ounas by a boat. The first part of the trail is about 7km from the shore of the Lake Ounas to the wilderness hut of Pyhäkero. From here the trail goes high to the top of the fell and you start to see some amazing views. From the top you can spot some of the great fells and mountains of Norway and Sweden. Ahead lies the Pallas fells – that is where you are going.

From the top of Pyhäkero you will descend to Sioskuru where you will find a wilderness hut. This is the campsite for tonight.

First days hike is a bit less than 15km.

Second day - Sioskuru-Hannukuru

On the second day you will ascend to see magnificent views on Siosvaara from where you will continue pass Tappuri walking on an easy terrain all the way to the Pahakuru wilderness hut. You can stay here for the night but it’s not a long way to Hannukuru. In Hannukuru there is a sauna. That alone is worth hiking a couple of kilometers more.

You are now about half way through the trail. Ahead waits the mighty Pallas fells.

The second days hike is a little bit more than 13km.

Backpacks hanging in a hut on the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail

Third day - Hannukuru-Nammalakuru

The third day you will spend watching glorious views.

After you have crossed Suastunturi it is wise to cook lunch at the small hut of Suaskuru. After this there will be the probably the most strenuous ascend of the trail to the top of Lumikero. When you get to the top you will forget all the pain though because the views from here are out of this world. 

After descending from Lumikero you will cross a reindeer fence and hike along the side of Vuontiskero to Montellinmaja. Some hikers choose to stay here for the night but the hut is very small and Nammalakuru is not far away. From Montellinmaja there is another trail that goes to Vuontisjärvi. Following this trail one will reach a road after 4km. This trail can be used if you need to stop the hike and get fast back to civilization. 

There’s only a bit more than 1km to Nammalakuru.

Third days hike is a little bit less than 14km.

Fourth day - Nammalakuru-Pallastunturi Nature Center

The fourth and the last hiking day is ahead and your backpack surely feels lighter and your body is starting to be accustomed to hiking.

You will reach the hut of Rihmakuru only after 3km from Nammalakuru but many hikers have lunch already here. After Rihmakuru there won’t be campsites before the end. 

The trail continues towards Taivaskero which is the highest point of the Pallas fells. The trail does not go to the top of Taivaskero but bypasses it close by. Nevertheless it is recommended to visit the top. There is another trail called “Taivaskeron kierros” that will go to the top and you can follow this route but after you reach the top it is best to return the same way back. Otherwise you will descend to the trail’s end along the skiing elevators that will for sure flatten the feeling of ending the hike. Return instead from the top of Taivaskero to the original trail and descend past the reindeer hut to the trail’s end.


The last days hike is about 13km + 1,5km if you choose to go to the top of Taivaskero.

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